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Star Wars - Galaxy At War is a new MUSH set at the dawn of the Knights of the Old Republic era -

It is roughly 3,960 years before the battle of Yavin as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope. The galaxy is still reeling from the recently ended war with the Mandalorians as well as the loss of more than a third of the Galactic Republic navy to the rogue jedi known as Malak and Revan who have fled into the unknown regions. The jedi strive to support the Republic while trying to rebuild their reputation and their ranks. The Mandalorians, following the death of Mandalore the Ultimate, have scattered throughout the galaxy with no purpose or direction. Pirates, Smugglers, Hutts, and worse all begin to take advantage of the weakness within the Republic for their own personal gains. Attacking convoys and settlements all along the fringe and even within Navy patrol zones. Meanwhile the Sith grow in numbers as young jedi are lured to the draw of power as opposed to the dogmatic views of the jedi...

With one war ended there is hope for peace in these dark times, but the control of the Republic and the Jedi is fragile. Even without a war looming over their heads the citizens of the galaxy are overwhelmed by lawlessness and strife while whispers grow of a new threat on the horizon, promising the transform everything they know once again into a Galaxy at War.

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